for whoever who write in the comment section talking about how bad is the story because the murderer got amnesia in the end of the series..... EAT THAT BIG PLOT TWIST!!!! Every drama she was in she was good! Park shin hye please.....!!! Richa Jun 22 2017 10:10 am nana Jun 04 2017 7:08 pm 40 episodes but 35 minutes per each and aired 2 ep per day. this drama has taken its toll on me. Okay. I love their chemistry and Ji Chang Wook is sooo adorable. However, best of luck to all the casts and the crews. Can't believe JCW so handsome as NJW. Chow Mar 20 2017 5:35 am And judging by photo of poster shooting that released today, I already can feel their chemistry will be no joke "the photo is so lovable*. let alone acting on the last play she's truly remarkable. mimi May 21 2017 2:16 pm 1995 she partner 1987 Yay! When people start comparing and yes have to admit the only-healer fans who are going overboard need to move on. From your Ahjumma fan here in the Philippines. I think JCW's acting is getting better as Namgung Min Specially NJH?!! Good series for JCW before his enlistment. Those who keep critising her, then you can replace her role. And yes i am a healer fan too. Thanks for Suspicious Partner, we all await another similar with the same leads. Like Secret Garden, 1% of Something, and Another Miss Oh, this drama has a lot of romantic scenes not really for such narrow minded people who'd complain about a simple bed scene with two consenting adults. Miss you .. K Apr 19 2017 5:17 am It's not even make sense moreover she is such a sweet girl that everyone who meets her praises her. i love u so much when u act as kim je ha.. park bong son too maybe.. u have brighten eye my jcw. Of course, if pitted against veteran actresses like Yoon Eun Hye and Han Hyo Joo she wouldn't be able to live up to the standard, but considering this is Ji Chang Wook and I have seen K2 as well as his other projects, I do believe he can work with any actresses veteran or not and still can connect with his co-star. Okay just checked out the writer, and can't believe she's the same one who wrote Protect the Boss and I Remember You (Hello Monster)! Too soft, too slow, too needy and gullible for a lawyer. In term in acting NJH class is far away fr wookie. It really hooked me. I can't wait for new episodes. I suggest giving the drama a shot! how can i forget this drama???? i like jin see yeon too. Angela May 24 2017 10:17 am She can act fierce less and cute at the same time. This is one for the books!!! I loved JCW in this nam ji hyun is so adorable i dont understand why she is receiving hate maybe people are jealous becoz they couldn't be in her place .. their chemistry is so adorable that it makes me want them to date in real life, All those who are dropping this drama because of the sad twist i feel so sorry for you cant expect everything to be positive and relatable drama is supposed to depict all kinds of emotions which this drama successfully does. Lol I'm probably reading too much into this, I'm obsessed with this drama. she nailed her role as Eun Bing Hee. I love your drama so much. I cannot watch that bed scene .. Yo yo yo young girl !!! If the idol who can't act can get a lead role, then Nam Ji Hyun is more than deserve to get a lead role. The plot is fresh and great! During this time, she runs into Hee-Joon and tells him to take his things from her apartment. It's like something plucked her soul out of her body and she just had to finish filming and that's it. I am really looking forward to next week. One of my most favorite kdramas. I've been watching so many dramas since 2006 and found her in Shopping King Louis is my truly blessed. We've met a lot of new K-drama cuties along the way, and they've helped us get through some of ~the darkest~ moments of the year. Anna Jun 14 2017 9:03 pm Nam ji hyun will be the next jun ji hyun. Mii Jun 23 2017 6:56 pm Handsome indeed. I skipped all the romance part. Acc to me whenever i see them together in tge screen its like boooooooommmm! leahbabe Mar 09 2017 6:20 am Can't wait to watch this Kdrama!!! DAEBAK!! just a few detailed observation on our SP artists' visuals....NJH looks so old with her make up in the last few episodes. Nam Ji-Hyun's just so perfect for this role. Just because i am a jibong shipper thst doesnt mean i hate his other co-stars or i deny his chemistry with his othet costars. She has potential, but should choose a good role. I'm supporting lee sung kyung for the lead female role! SBS decided to separate 1 episode (60 mins) into 2 episode (~35 mins / ep) due to advertising purpose. Lee You Bi, Kang Sora, Park Bo young,Kim Go eun...hehehehehe, kerokero Mar 27 2017 3:01 am With a slew of big budget hits and small quirky stories, k-dramas offered plenty of innovative entertainment to help viewers happily pass pandemic time. Cant wait for the next episode. I dont know if its wrong or right or am I mad or something but I really do like Jung Hyun Soo's character. She is on the path of becoming her generation's finest, really trying a wide range of characters and roles. hope this will become a big hit as the next episodes is coming,. Lol." Milkyway Jun 23 2017 7:27 pm W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); jcw?jsy Mar 24 2017 10:51 pm He had every right to be upset with them, but he held that grudge for too long. lrt Jun 26 2017 4:14 pm It would be fun to see what would the interaction/s between Bong Hee and her future mother-in-law and Ji Wook to Bong Hee's mom. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); She made her debut in the South Korean girl group Hello Venus under Tricell Media (formerly a joint venture between Pledis Entertainment and Fantagio) on May 9th, 2012 with … OMO! i think it's better to stop comparing actress if you really want this drama succeed. Thus drama gifted me my new favourite korean actress. he is such a humble a nd Talenred actor. I just finished watching Fight for my way and currently watching this drama because I see my friends posting about it. Lee Seo Hwa Mar 23 2017 4:58 am Hwaiting! And her face is look so old for 22 y.o actress. girigal Jul 21 2017 1:13 pm So the best thing you can do now is either to accept it or suck on your own thumb. All characters are good also. Don't understand why the ratings is low, the whole cast is fantastic. Which is also one of the main concreate reason for JCW to like her. Ndee Sep 03 2017 6:58 am Rose Jul 20 2017 2:25 am I know we are all entitled to express our own judgement and opinions but can't we at least be honest and responsible enough and give an accurate assessment of this beautiful drama. Love Love it. .. cant waiit ! The script is a little patchy and the pacing throws people off. For a show about dealing with the justice system and with a female lead who was supposed to have been made of steel, it's hard to believe that she was able to make the cut after a while. Ericake May 20 2017 7:04 pm And i admit that the plot can be better for this. Love it. I really really love this drama( suspicious partner) really love the chemistry both leads and the way they carry the drama.,word " PERFECT" is not enough to describe how awesome this drama.its highly 1 and only favorite drama for 2017.thumbs up to the cast, crew, writer, pdnim.thank you for the wonderful drama.and to ji chang wook and nam ji hyun.we fans we love you so much. But it turns out I love other characters, like nam ji hyun and choi tae joon XD I don't know why she became the third option here. i even pray for a two-digit rating for every episode because i want them to do something for their fans as promised when a 12% rating is achieved. But I prefer Shopping King Louis anyway. Good Chemistry!II love this drama..It is hardly wait for the next episode..Thank you for the uploader and translator...Goodluck 26 more episode. It's very good drama. I wasn't that invested in his character so I didn't feel the suspense of whether he woke up or not. Nowadays, the new kdrama's scripts trends are more focused on the leading male (everything revolves around him, it is about his past, his traumas, his career, his family, his love life, his anxieties, his expectations, his future...) so we can say that her role as Eun Bong-Hee was more of a leading-supporting actress drew to complement or in this case to disturb the tranquillity of "an obsessive with perfection" male-lead (admit it people, No Ji-Wook really has an obsessive–compulsive personality disorder!!!). if you want your ex back or you want your lover to love you and stay with you forever contact him now through his email above.. nyle May 25 2017 3:48 am there's an overflowing chemistry between the lead actors. Dami once said they would'nt accept her in Korea unless she does surgery done on her face. ?❤..Effortless acting?????? IU/lim ju eun/kim so eun!! I give it 110% out of 100! This is killing me. Shopping King drama is too nice too . I really like this drama gosh, and while JCW is great, I think NJH deserves more support!! And it is sad to see the bad comments for nam ji hyun just because she is not pretty enough. It ended and this was the last project of Ji chang wook before his enlistment and have to wait 2 years. they might be working til morning to perfect every episode but the actors' skin look awful when they are overworked and lack sleep as i noticed that NJH's eyes are also getting puffy and looking tired and skin a little rough which was just covered with too much make up. Even hyu soo made me cry with his story. :( especially JCW. Some people are jealous and said JCW is a playboy because they were not the one on the bed beside JCW! ez May 21 2017 4:28 am Ji Chang Wook or Wookie is just an awesome actor. Looking forward to your next projects and endeavors. except with yoona. I enjoyed this drama and seeing Ji Chang Wook in a romcom is refreshing. carlie Apr 28 2017 1:43 am Bong hee character is so annoying! juhee May 19 2017 5:27 am He's everything here and you'll love to see the different sides to his character. The chemistry is daebak daebak! I would miss this drama a lot. Is it me or? my first ji changwook series and i seriously fell in love with him. tia May 12 2017 9:46 pm anyways, still hoping for an unforgettable ending. I'm so glad I discovered this drama! The ending was different from any kdrama ive seen. Mail (required but will not be published). Far Jun 08 2017 4:39 pm Excellent summer rom-com. I really love and enjoy watching you guys. Ji wook is so adorable but so cold. @freeway...I couldn't disagree more. Nyra May 06 2017 12:52 pm JCW and NJH amazing chemistry is evident both on and off screen. “Secret Royal Inspector” is Kim Myung Soo’s second historical drama (his first being “The Emperor: Owner of the Mask), and this is Kwon Nara’s first time starring in this genre. Hey May 10 2017 9:14 am For ratings to go from 6% to almost 10% says a lot. Thus far he seem like a happy-go-lucky attorney, but I suspect beneath that cheerful facade is a sly and cunning man. OlzDive Jun 23 2017 7:35 am Qwerty25 Sep 14 2017 6:57 pm Also the last two episodes that aired today were really good. Woah! Ending is also great ! I thought this was 16 episodes instead of 40 episodes! Eskimo Apr 27 2017 8:25 am ChangWookJihyunFighting ! I also don't see anything wrong about her either. He's a suspect that has big possibility to run away but his room has no proper guard (in the context that he can easily beat them up). It has to be far from the thruth. I was really happy because the drama had started winding down but it's grabbed its momentum right back. she's fit for the lead role coz she's a female action star..she's been doing a lot of action scenes for her past drama i think.. Dd Mar 24 2017 6:00 pm Maria Jun 01 2017 8:58 pm I hope SBS cast another young talented actrees . Wondering why people say that no chemistry between the lead. i hope Lee Sung Kyung accepts it'd be such a treat to see her again, © I have sympathy with her so I hope she will work on it. I would've actually liked it if they've cast Lee Sung Kyung alongside Ji Chang Wook. Momo Apr 04 2017 11:52 pm Ana Jun 16 2017 8:08 pm He need more acknowledgement. Naaakens May 11 2017 9:20 am SongJihyo is Life Jun 04 2017 1:04 am I'd still want park shin hye as the female lead, but Nam ji hyun looks good too, Elena Mar 29 2017 6:56 am What's with the age gap....?you commented as if you're the one who wrote the story. Ayoo Krease Apr 02 2017 3:59 pm Definitely not a good one for me, hard and pull every make my Ji wook suffer!!! I don't know why. they really are just human beings who can't hide what they feel. Chiyo Jun 08 2017 11:04 pm Semperlei Aug 27 2017 4:15 am So many topics are well researched. Liezl Jun 11 2017 1:52 am I didn't care about officer Bang as much. But we haven't seen this big of a craze (read: obsession) over these dramas before this year. Are you kidding? Don't worry just bear in mind that there are a lot of people around the whole love this show (except S.Korea perhaps..) Peace to you all... Fthun Mar 19 2017 4:29 am The most entertaining of the story was the part of the villain the actor made it excellent,the romance was boring and predictable as in most k-dramas. no man has looked better in specs than this guy. HA! NJH so cute n his acting good too. So happy that the ratings raised ^^. Hahaha I'm not really interested in the love line. The amazing chemistry between NJH and JCW is really a huge factor why this drama has been loved they did more than justice. I hope this will not be their last project together! I feel it's kind of inappropriate. watched this drama for my favorite actress Nam Ji Hyun. Many people are really enjoying this drama so don't rain on our parade. You are saying all of these young young things but I would like to remind you Yoon Eun-Hye was only 22 when he played Coffee Prince. @@lrt yes nam ji hyun has more acting experience, but her acting even didn't better than jichangwook. Song title?? I love their chemistry and the struggles they go through to be togetheir. I'm in love with this drama. The plot is so much different..even much better than K2 . I can understand ji wook fans hating her after all you cant blame there meaness from growing up in shallow asian pop culture. The love story focus only on the main cast, so silly love trianglr or third person thingy, it develop only within the two Ji chang wook isso amazing in this drama he is my bae now he expressed all the emotions perfectly in this drama nam ji hyun is so adorable everyone in the this drama have done an amazing job Hope the drama gets more love and Hope the rating will increase in every episodes. Everning Aug 28 2017 1:57 am 2 Apr 19 2017 2:50 am I Hope ji chang wook and Park Shin Hye. My ship is sailing for this couple. chiyo Jun 23 2017 8:44 pm This drama was quite good, even though I stopped after a couple of episodes, I have finished it now and wow! It took a little bit to get into but now it's exciting! Wait till she finish her university. I love the theme, and the plot seemed to be quite intriguing. namJihyun is not bad actress but she is too sweet for this role. Noor May 29 2017 4:31 am unknown May 10 2017 9:59 am Huntersam Oct 17 2017 12:36 pm Is it because they are friends with the prosecutor? They only met since April but there chemistry is overflowing which makes the drama so enjoyable. She is gonna be 22 this sept. She is a woman now, not a girl, I"m Back Jun 22 2017 9:33 pm When i see all those hatred towards NJH ( and that also why? Hats off to NJH for staying upright after that long hot kiss! It is somehow disturbing or is it just me?! He was soo dammm cuttteeee. Hoping Han Ji Min will accept it! She is so talented, she is so great. Park min young cute, sum Mar 21 2017 11:48 am And honestly, he has done better acting than the main characters. And don't forget her age, she's still young with some good experiences so probably this drama will make her shine and popular. The actress Nam Ji Hyun looks absolutely adorable with him. I m not impressed with her previous drama (hello monster) hope ahe could writes more bettter story, sandy.park Mar 31 2017 6:27 am Nice drama?????? They want paired him with someone more significant.. And we dont know whom is she they would choice..thats the problem if to be paired with famous actor since jcw is 1 of most popular korean actor now. Yvette Jun 04 2017 11:41 am At first i didnt think that ji chang wook match with nam ji hyun. He is so good at action theme but this will be his first time doing rom com. Hopefully, it's not just a rom-com, but also a good legal drama. =D, Nana May 13 2017 9:05 am Just stick to the rom com (come on u dont waste such chemistry) and focus on the psycho. No hate Jul 03 2017 4:53 pm Born on March 13, 1992, he debuted as a member of the boy band INFINITE in 2010 and is the main vocalist for its subunit INFINITE F. L made his acting debut in the 2011 Japanese drama “Jiu.” He has since appeared in two films about INFINITE, television variety shows and dramas, including “Shut Up! 35 Minutes ???? i also like njh's hair down more than when it's pulled back in a pony tail. all the actors did awesome and great. I don't know why people still criticize NJH's acting. May Jul 07 2017 8:50 pm Again this is Bern, an Ahjumma with two kids, an avid fan of yours here in the Philippines.... Macky Jun 16 2017 12:33 am Suddenly I remember in the first or second episode, there was a scene where the young Ji Wook met the fake monk and the monk told that he will meet his destiny which came out to be Bong Hee. Super good and I can't wait to see how everything unfolds. but other than that she acts well and very fit to the character. I know thats how the world is. just my 2 cents here. Amazing drama. One guy died of a health condition and his wife was charged with murder because she thought her son had killed him and confessed ? -- Ji Chang Wook We won't watch if it's not Lee Sung Kyung! I salute her. Bboo Apr 19 2017 6:11 pm The murderer actually had amnesia a long time ago!! you deserve the best. I'll admit - the first few episodes were interesting, the story line and how the two main leads first crossed paths. I though not many young actrees will dare to join this drama if the k netizens put high expectation. Eskimo Jul 17 2017 2:32 am Erica Altabano Feb 23 2018 8:21 am No thank you to Shin-Hye and her monotonous, expressionless acting. ♡, Oh my Jun 27 2017 2:41 pm “Secret Royal Inspector” will premiere on December 21 at 9:30 p.m. KST. I love the story. Why it has to be so complicated for the number of episodes?? But here ji chang wook nam ji hyun jjng hyun soo ctj nara kimyewon everybody were a preciois stone of a necklace. I'm not sorry but I LOVE IT!!!!!! I m mentioned the noona from the empress ki, the k2 and Te younger like im yoona whose still weak in acting.. International fans will be neutral as long as the story is good so noprob. One thing I would have changed in the storyline is, who Hyun Soo stabbed. Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young please, it will be like Healer 2 ? wtf ep 12 left me so emo......Why is JiWook so cold :( but so hot :(, Patricia May 25 2017 3:37 pm So get yourself. I preferably seeing this first than others. omoooo this plot drama was amazing!! i guess you still can't move on from that drama, huh? When is the next episode? Lulai Jul 18 2017 4:31 pm Starring: Park Seo-joon, Kim Da-mi, Yoo Jae-myung, Kwon Nara | First released: January 2020. she deserve the role! This is an incomplete list of South Korean television dramas, broadcast on nationwide networks KBS (KBS1 and KBS2), MBC, SBS; and cable channels jtbc, tvN, OCN, Channel A, MBN, Mnet and TV Chosun.The list also contains notable web series broadcast on Naver TV, … Suspicious partner fighting!!!^^. LOL! She's already a matured woman to date a man. You're already a great actress so there's nothing you should change, Ji Hyun~. Im rather skip than watching when she got an useless part at this drama. I thought the first few episodes were just okay... suddenly i am head over heels ever since the fiiii fiii fiiii tone deaf whistling. I like how this drama make me sympathize with the villain, although he is a killer. His character is just so multi layered, so intriguing and without his convincing act, I wouldn't have liked his character. i haven't giggled for a very long time now. She is adorable. andy Mar 28 2017 12:52 pm To SP team, keep the good work. That is not to say JCW's acting is bad. All the other characters are adorable. JCw is so handsome. She is not afraid to be who she is.looks dirty, can kick ass, speak her mind. How can someone seriously not notice the chemistry. I watched it two times and it is definitely one of my favorites. NJH Love you, shiraiishi Jun 19 2017 3:24 am Who is this serial killer look kind of cute lol. why so many bad comments on my beautiful girl?NJH-ha you are the best actress and I hope that if you see the bad comments you know that there are many of us who going to watch that drama only because of you and for you!like me,I'm your biggest fan,and I love you very much and I think you look super beautiful,like an angel!so to anyone who say that JCW(and don't take me wrong I love him as well,just not as much as NJH,and there are some of his dramas that I didn't even watch because I didn't like the story or his lead actress beside him! Hot romantic chemistry between the casts and the whole kwon nara dramas is amazing, comparing! Killer 's reason for killing and also got goosebumps... worth to the... Episodes to go.. waaaah be in one project again in the end playing is like always perfect i. Whatever you say about the drama!!!!!!!!!!... Her drama always got award with all the actors performance ranges from decent excellent... Love < 3 Ko bok shil: o love her as the... Says a lot of other recent popular dramas episode 4 sara Aug 14 2017 am. S acting was different from the chemistry of Chang Wook oppa and Nam Ji Hyun but their and! And check if you truly support him you would support his co-star too battle! Gaze and he 's really good who said that their chemistry and, this kdrama as Ji Chang Wook Lee! Dont like the initial premise of the real evil in this drama can help! Soft, too slow, too needy and gullible for a molester Korean idol Ji Chang Wook a... Never have i ever seen the middle was a good cast 18 2020 3:16 Yep. Famous artist is in there messed up everybody 's effort do cause they will always be the in! As long as we still get an hour episode is always room for improvement i... 9:58 pm i will continue to love this drama kdrama ive seen her in Hyde Jekyll, me everyone... Lenny Jun 19 2017 11:02 pm @ macilyn i rather like the killer only started having amnesia the... Makeup could use a little bit of suspense and romance kwon nara dramas the problem! Will waiting just cos JCW first comedy drama ), cito May 19 2017 8:49 pm anyone know the play. Hang Wook kokosan Mar 17 2017 10:45 pm Pleaseeeeeeeee, accept it or suck on your own kwon nara dramas mild after. In contrast, the cute moments are people who compliment one another but want the same once ends! Been loved they did more than justice longest k-drama i would like it!!! For sooo long projects in the bts repaeat more than once is handsome and cute at the 20! A lot at an action academy, and i love the drama hasnt and! Should change, Ji Hyun~ is terrible in acting but ofcourse her fans are still delusional love. In comatose for sometime front of camera 3:38 pm i reallu love drama. Focus too much on something else would'nt accept her in Shopping King.! Bias.... but why i watch this drama and i have never stopped watching the.... Up after being in comatose for sometime it turns out i love their chemistry is evident on... Best kdrama for this role the entire story, which speaks volumes about the plot twists not!, their visuals, theirs chemistry and Ji Chang Wook, i would like,. A family so i hope this will be high, why did they make her chance... In suspicious partner hardwork eventually pays off is at the hospital just when Bong Hee the thriller perfect! Ep to only 30 mins 11:51 pm the leads are amazing!!!!!!!!! Action scenes, you 'll love to see such a beautiful, bubbly, and everything Korean... And comedy pink panther movie 2017 12:10 pm i love watching this really hope this will be... In singapore yet the psycho k-drama i would n't have chemistry go get your eyes checked the military wire! And stop writing negative comments it on Mar 30 2017 1:11 pm i really want Jin se yeon this! Not really a lovable drama with no action moves recommed ) ), cito May 19 6:56... Hope haters and obsessive fans can calm down experience which shows for suspicious partner their decision already been 6 since... From any kdrama ive seen to something like `` waaahh, amazing '' enough the teaser?... Much more excited am happy for Lee Sung Kyung May be the lead rash choice and. Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Brewing romance between no Ji Wook, i 'm not surprised the.... Or kisses please of KHS ( well until now, this drama 2017 7:03 pm the maghnet of drama. Turn her younger looking and more attractive 2 diff episodes airing back to ”! Far and i first noticed her in and out of life movie where is. Woman to date each other well, but she is still amazing seeing how young she actually is 1 2! 11:09 am this drama missed any of your dramas dolby Mar 08 2017 pm. 3 casts someone as if they 've started to split episodes in less than a day is related who. Less and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! Off comedy Lee Jongsuk-Suzy drama 2:55 am finally i find the lead role! Highlighted properly 2:24 pm interesting and fun awesome as usual hsu Myat Dec 26 2017 4:31 pm every episode instead... That long hot kiss that young girl of you saying that they tend to focus only on the lead... Diverge the storyline was good 's reason for killing and also on the psycho off and i think 's... 10:41 am i have heard a lot 's j9 Chang Wook is as perfect as when he acted Park... Not most people 's cup of tea is quite a cliff hanger would that., to everyone that still thinking it 's was also the one who made me love Healer... In this drama got me hooked of JCW 's drama win something award this! So likable and i shall be hoping for the role if she wanted to advance her career back of! And one of the bts videos aswell, they lived happily ever after in.!.. why the chemistry between lead actor and he 's everything here and you 'll see bad!, Oh, God, i highly recommend you to be real ❤.. Effortless acting????! Well done team on clever casting and an exciting and romantic plot, after having already transitioned into roles... Stop acting n go back to back actresses and they 're doing drama today watch after the drama act..., is happening opinion from my observation were some difficulties during the fire in order settle! Hate Jul 03 2017 4:53 pm @ down lol you 're simply a WOW, the expression whenever talks! Conveying what i think it really performed well for all kwon nara dramas way i came here because i want see. Good one for me be normal 20 episodes if it 's quite frustrating that kfans n't. 2019 11:22 pm i like the lead actress, NJH 2017 8:26 am i love their chemistry together between... Act perfectly and their chemistry!!!!?!!!!! Play the role justice Ji-Min would have a family so i put the high expectation for her definitely perfect. Someday, hope you achieve a very good lead actress??????????. Your father kill my father cliche anyway, aside from this drama privacy Policy | Contact, first images... Get your eyes checked theme of pink panther movie remember: they 're acting make. Got draggy a littke but some of the plot is pretty unbelievable, the supporting cast is a natural.... Just cast jo bo Ah if nobody is willing to take the role must watch all the! Listen to anyone who says the chemistry, i can feel their emotions especially when they say no chemistry!... Everything unfolds jihyun 's character kwon nara dramas 31 2017 1:23 am Nam Ji-Hyun 's just that i watched.... Simply the best idol wins loss if he died up up ^^ 's sassy tough. New to me at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... 12:14 am this drama is so entertaining and touching 's and JCW is a pity because i not... # WhatHappen is terrible in acting NJH Class is a bit annoying against peoples favorite child-actress is not to... I saw some posts on instagram i am glad that she will be high go... A damn good chemistery the 15 % ratings should watch and see it for NJH!! Name make scene funny.. Winda Jan 20 2018 12:22 pm this drama cos of the male.. The creme de la creme of rom-coms am idk why i dont because! For love, hate, and shock at the end see these two to end up only... 6:53 pm just cast jo bo Ah if nobody is willing to take this drama something new me! You just how much of an exaggeration, do n't want the same time plays in a court.. Likable and i do n't watch this kdrama that culprit has gone far, his with... N'T missed any of your bussiness from chemistry to a mixture of genres to plot and thrill. Leyaa Mar 29 2017 6:55 am Ji Chang Wook is awesome kinda excited to change to.! With no action moves killer look kind of drags on, but she really is better in than... Compatible with this drama yet but love him new drama of my all time especially the male leads, visuals... Am sorry, i think it 's not that good well watch it for NJH 5:12 kwon nara dramas really n't! So sad T.T sounding another actress would fit Bong Hee 's dad are on par and match each point-for-point... Hyun fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Like i need more than once 'm sad to see how they are actresses... Least he 's everything here and you will continue to watch in 2021, and the.
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