When a tank contains a Dwarf gourami and faster swimming top swimmers like guppies, food should be dropped in a more spread out area so that the Dwarf gourami has a higher chance to snatch the food before the other fish since Dwarf gouramis are timid fish. He doesn’t have all the symptoms, just a round belly. Dwarf gouramis are primarily named for their small size as compared to other gourami species. He is normally vibrant blue and orange with... Why won't my dwarf gourami eat? He is acting quite normal, swimming all around the tank (mainly staying in his territory) and eating. It is not unheard of for a fish to recover from dropsy, but it does require care and attention on the part of the owner. But I could be wrong; maybe he is just a little bloated. It is something that dwarf gouramis are prone to. Two or three Gouramis can be easily kept in a 10 gallon tank. Apparent occurences in Nepal and Myanmar are now thought to be as a result of misidentification. Although, I could just be over feeding but I would really appreciate if you could help me diagnose him so I can fix this issue. I wouldn't think so, but I could be wrong. https://youtu.be/vl49TCW6djc Also, I don’t know if this could have a factor in anything but not too long before he started getting chubby around the abdomen, he had done something to his head. My male dwarf gourami has dropsy. I didn't post this to emergencies because from I can gather, my poor little guy is too far gone to be helped. And if there is any mould present in grain products, which is very common, especially in grains for pet feed, which is what fish food is classed as, in the USA at least, then there are some suspicious links to cancers in other animals, among other health issues. He's my favourite fish and I am very worried as I googled all these symptoms and it sounds like dropsy. My Gourami is generally peace... Can a rainbow shark live with neon tetras, corys, and dwarf gourami. They are small, but they come in a wide variety of bright colors. I didn’t catch it soon enough so sadly she died... After she died I did a 50% water change and cleaned all my plants and ornaments in my tank. I have a single male dwarf gourami in a fully cycled 10g. And there may be some links to the dry food we all tend to feed our fish as well. My Dwarf gourami is acting very lethargic he is just sitting at the top cor... My black moor goldfish is lying on the bottom of the tank and has a white eye, Stringy things hanging off of plants and structures/ debris on top of water. Most likely its Dwarf Gourami Disease, supposedly called by massive in-breeding resulting in poor quality stock, which in turn makes the fish's immune system weaker. I don’t want to loose another fish. Somebody else may have an idea. I am very sorry about all that, I know it's not what you want to hear. Treatment is via metronidazole; but by the time dropsy … Strangely it only affects this species only, but don't take any chances. Dwarf gouramis are bright, colorful fish originally from southern and eastern Asia. They prefer to be placed in a tank with non-aggressive and relatively small fish with similar water chemistry requirements. This is a very good aquarium fish. Aquarium Gourami fish community. 3. https://www.myaquariumclub.com/dwarf-gourami-iridovirus-the-killer-untamed-10513.html. She acts fine, she moves and swims like usual and has a good … I noticed that he’d been hiding behind a plant the last two days but I didn’t think anything of it. His tail also seems to droop, and he seems to have paralysis to some degree. Abdominal dropsy. They have been chasing each other around a lot. Dropsy/ pineconing is generally an infection. Hi, I recently lost a fish to dropsy so I may just be paranoid but I have seen my Dwarf gourami been getting fatter around his abdomen. Due to this patterning, the dwarf gourami is also sometimes referred to as the dwarf banded gourami. at the time i didnt know wat was wrong with my fish (it just looked fat to me) and it died so quickly i didnt even realize it was sick. This happened a few weeks ago, but I just figured he may be constipated. Consequently, any fish may be exposed to the dropsy-causing bacteria, but healthy fish rarely fall prey to the disease. 9 talking about this. If they are dwarf gourami's then they should be easy to sex, males are far more coulourful than females. For awhile everything was fine, until Phil (that’s my Gourami’s name) started getting fat. My Dwarf Gourami is sick. Dwarf gouramis tolerate fairly high temperatures. Strangely it only affects this species only, but don't take any chances. Archived. Favorite Answer. Dwarf Gouramis and other conspecifics are actually one of the more susceptible fish in terms of bacterial diseases. In the river plains of northern India, they are one of the most common fish for food and are sold dried or as fish meal in many markets. Dropsy is not something you can cure instantly, bearing in mind that there are several possible reasons for it. These fish are typically very peaceful in the community tank – they can even be a little bit shy.
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