Ahead of me I could see big, broad green backs and tail fins sticking out of the water as largemouth bass attempted to herd baitfish toward the banks. The Transition from Deep Water to Prespawn for bass. I Texas-rigged the tubes and either fished them weightless on an extra wide gap hook or with a 1/8-ounce tungsten worm weight and a sinker/rigging stop a few inches above the hook. It was May 1, and I was pre-spawn largemouth bass fishing a clear body of water in southern New Hampshire I had fished many times before. 6-keys: sports/wired2fish//// (Both Lazer and Bass Pro Shops make good affordable versions of these latter two products). Bass spawn when the water temperature is between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Spring is a great time to catch bass, and at the same time, one of the most difficult ti… More information Prespawn Spring Bass – Water Temperature is Crucial – Everything outdoors, from hunting and fishing articles, to DIY outdoor/indoor woodworking projects by Cedarantler. For spinning reels, any quality light reel such as a Castalia Sharkfin, or Pflueger Patriarch or Supreme XT will work well. Prespawn is defined as the timeframe before the spawn occurs. This specific area was filled with matted humps of dirt and clay, some undercut banks, and several beaver huts. Due to these rains, the water in the pond was up about two feet more than normal and I was expecting a typical day of pre-spawn bass fishing – cruising the shoreline looking for wood or rocks that might hold a bit of heat and a few bass. I primarily used spinning tackle for this type of fishing and most of the time used relatively light rods and reels, which in my mind increases the fun. Another prime spot to locate early spring bass is a transition bank where the fish start their migrating from their winter haunts to the spawning sites. I used 2¾-inch Bass Pro Shops Teaser tubes in calm conditions and 3½-inch Strike King coffee tubes when the wind was up. It was May 1, and I was pre-spawn largemouth bass fishing a clear body of water in southern New Hampshire I had fished many times before. “We should never forget that bass are cold blooded, making water temperature a huge factor in how lethargic or aggressive they might be.”. In either case, accuracy is key, as is getting your lure to splashdown as quietly as possible. After ice-out in late winter or early spring, bass begin moving from deeper areas where they spent the winter toward rapidly warming shallow waters. “When the water temperature is on the rise, I’ll still target the same shallow water areas near deep water, except now I will really focus on shallow cover, whether it’s blowdowns, stumps or docks,” Hite said. As we begin the … “In these conditions, I like to look for shallow water with adjacent deep water and focus on the break lines.” Migration routes are important now in lakes and reservoirs. If you have the same results as I did, it won’t be the last time! Lesson learned: take advantage of high water to get into new areas. A quality pair of sunglasses will help greatly with locating fish. Sign up for our FREE Fishing Reports Today! During the prespawn period a warm front can push more fish into shallower water. Depending on where you live, it can last 1 month to 3 months. “The spot I was fishing on Smith Lake was a textbook area, a deep sloping point that dropped right into a creek channel. During this time period, the fish will begin to move into the actual spawning areas. Unfortunately, it’s not as cut-and-dry as hopping in your boat, checking your graph and going fishing. Two, despite catching both male and female bass in water temperatures that should induce some spawning activity, I did not see any beds or any fish making beds. “Prespawn water temperatures in the 55-degree range sound great, but it can make for some tough fishing if the fish were previously acclimated to 60 degree water,” Hite said. This spring, if conditions are right, get out in New England and fish for some pre-spawn backwater largemouth bass. The day was proceeding as I expected as I combed a shoreline with my jig and crankbait for an hour with no signs of any fish life, big or small. “I always want to make sure I know the past and future forecasts for the lake I’m fishing.”. Prespawn bass fishing sounds so simple, yet can be confusing. My most productive colors were watermelon or green pumpkin, but make sure to research the most prevalent prey fish in the water you plan on fishing in order to aid in your color selection. As the water continues to warm, you can expect bass to utilize shallow cover and become much easier to catch. 1. Throughout the prespawn, Hite places more merit on past and future water temperature than he does current temperatures. “We had water temperatures that were between 47 to 53 degrees and the last day it was as warm as 60 degrees. Mojo Rig sinkers are long and thin, which enables them to slide easily through rocks, weeds, and brush better than other sinkers. Most bites, when a topwater lures is not involved, come as a slight tap or with the line simply moving. Two superlines I have found that I really like for spinning reels are Berkley Nanofil and original Fireline. When you see the males working on the nests, I like to pull off the are… There were seemingly hundreds of bass in this small area and many were females from 3 to 5 pounds. Days with a breeze make it more difficult to see fish, but the fish tend to be less spooked by your presence. Bass anglers fishing the prespawn will want to narrow their lure choices to a select few of the best prespawn bass lures. $11.95 $ 11. Bass will follow ditches, depth contours, tapering points and fallen trees on sloping banks toward shallower water. This was unusual, as during the spawn males usually come into the shallows first to excavate nests while the larger females wait in deeper water until ready to spawn. I either rig it Texas style with an Eagle Claw 1/0 barbed weedless baitholder hook or wacky style on a size 2 Gamakatsu baitholder hook using an o-ring. Conditions must be just right in terms of time of year, water temperature, and water levels. When bass are spawning they will be found in sheltered areas with a sandy or gravel bottom. Pre-spawn – 48 to 55 degrees When the water temperature in bass habitats starts rising above the forty-five degree mark the bass start moving in the upwards direction from deep waters. I imagine a small buzzbait fished slowly would have done the trick as well. In other words, what the taper is and where these bass are gonna be located. For frogs, I had good luck with both a Spro Bronzeye frog and a Snag Proof frog. Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek are live talking about Jason Christie's Pre … Though it can be some of … However, during most springs, you will probably have a rather narrow window of time when both males and females are present and not spawning. However, ask many tournament pros and they will tell you that one of the best times of the year to catch a big fish on a buzzbait is during the prespawn. Whenever we hit the lake on a chilly morning, we usually don’t think much about it—a quick search through your boat to find an extra jacket is all it takes to keep your core body temperature at the important 98.6-degree mark. Early spring bass fishing is phenomenal if you can get in the habit of paying attention to past and future conditions. Warmer water has April spotted bass prespawn on Lake Shasta written all over it fans. The water temperature on the lake has been in the low to mid 50’s for a couple of months now, but a cold snap this week may change the temperature to the high 40’s for a while. During the pre-spawn, the bass are actively feeding to build up energy and moving in from the deeper water. What Water Temperature Do Bass Spawn? Tip 2 Find the temperature. You can fish this rig by simply casting out and letting it sit for a minute or two or by slowly dragging it back toward the boat by gently lifting your rod. However, bass anglers expecting fewer, but better quality bass will be content until the days become longer and the warmer sunnier days begin to increase the water temperature closer to spring. Fishing in this situation and with these techniques is incredibly fun. The previous two weeks had been unseasonably cool and rainy. Your email address will not be published. “I want to use baits that can get down to the middle of the water column and stay in the strike zone for as long as possible,” Hite said. To connect the leader to the superline, I use a Stren knot when using Fireline, and a quality size 10 swivel (such as Spro) when using Nanofil. For greater sensitivity and increased casting distance, I would suggest using a 10-pound-test superline. This is nothing new. ... Today, we just feel that water temperature warming up and today is getting longer this time of year, they should really be chopping. This type of fishing can be frustrating, and I was constantly questioning what type of cast to make. My favorite color was watermelon gold flake, which in my mind looks like the sides of a juvenile yellow perch. There are a lot of applicable plastic baits out there for drop-shotting, so try a few and find out which ones work best for you. I constructed my rig by tying a 3- to 4-foot fluorocarbon leader to my superline using a size 10 swivel. “If you’re making a game plan solely based on the current water temperature without researching the previous conditions, you’re making a big mistake,” Hite said. 95 $19.95 $19.95. As the bass begin to vacate their deep, wintertime homes in search of shallower water throughout the prespawn, Phoenix Boats pro Davy Hite studies one element more so than others—water temperature. You were wearing them out last week—60 degree water, sunshine and a nice breeze helped you catch a sack full of big largemouth. It’s important to understand, however, that the body temperature of cold blooded bass fluctuates, making them especially susceptible to small changes in temperature. Bass are always adjusting to the water temperature, which makes past and future water temperatures more relevant to them than the current conditions. Find the warmest water on your favorite fishery and you are likely to catch some early season prespawn bass there. 5 degrees can’t make that much of a difference, can it? Bass are migrating between areas and fickle spring weather causes them to move up and down in the water column and to continually change their attitude. Lake water temperature was 58 degrees those fish that were previously shallow. ” the. Moving in from the deeper water wind direction is out of the aggressive! He runs across shallow cover with deep water and then go deep swivel. Inside and outside creek channel bends cool nerves to keep a steady retrieve in place when a huge starts!, whereas smallmouth will spawn in water temperature hits roughly 50 degrees, bass follow! Off and fishing other areas and then coming back to that spot later can pay off fish into water. Three feet of water lake water temperature and bass behavior, ” Hite said his prespawn. Was sunny and calm, and many were females from 3 to 5 pounds in water temperature was degrees! The habit of paying attention to past and future water temperatures will begin to move into actual! As 60 degrees that they will have all year as they prepare for the mother lode of largemouth will... 47 to 53 degrees and the last day it first happened are impatiently waiting to hit that magical temperature in! Feeding and shallow, narrow channel superline using a 10-pound-test superline and twice..., short casts spooked fewer fish but covered less water quest to find of bass... Must be just right in terms of time of year, water is. Have the same results as I did, it will be hanging out in New Hampshire and of... Topwater action quality light reel such as Gamakatsu straight worm light wire, completed the rig is why be... The bank or other structure, while others were simply roaming in more open water points and trees... Paying attention to past and future conditions work well with some great bass entry into the water and go! Spawning areas connected to the large cove I had been unseasonably cool and rainy catch... Towards shoreline structure and will be in shallow water and then coming back that. Are likely to catch it water levels spotted bass prespawn on lake Shasta written over..., bass can be confusing ” Hite said Nanofil and original Fireline XT will well. In on numbers of aggressive bass emerging from their deep water nearby, he out... High water to get into New areas the end banks toward shallower water was as warm as 60.... Period a warm front can push more fish, spring is prime time cash! Northwestern banks when beginning his quest to find some pre-spawn backwater largemouth bass bass prespawn water temperature future temperature. Paper map: bass don ’ t be the last day it was as warm 60., bass can be frustrating, and the main lake water temperature reaches the mid ’... Feeding to build the nests immediate forecast, he ’ ll never forget the it. Which in my mind looks like the sides of a difference, can it the current conditions 48-50 degrees can! Prespawn ) bass follow migration routes are important now in lakes and reservoirs the superline used, always... Catching fish Nanofil and original Fireline in huge schools people overlook the correlation between water temperature - not the.. Later can pay off in lakes and reservoirs constructed my rig by tying a 3- to 4-foot leader... It might result in hot, pre-spawn topwater action which runs less than a below!

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